Hey! My name is Jesse Allen Cooke.

My journey begins with an interest in art from a very young age that soon manifested in the form of graffiti by middle school and carried through my first years at college. In 8th grade I had the opportunity to write myself a letter to open up when I was a senior in high school. This letter included some funny questions and statements but the most important part was where I had written what I wanted to do for a living: become a graphic designer.

By the start of my senior year of high school, I was already spending my days sketching and nights on Photoshop and had been accepted to attend The Art Institutes International Minnesota in Minneapolis to get my B.S. in Graphic Design.

My years in college were magical (even though I didn't realize it at the time..). I dedicated this time in my life to becoming an exceptional designer at all costs necessary. It didn't matter how much time I had to put in or what new things I had to learn—I'd do it if it meant getting closer to my goal of being a successful designer.

I freelanced for most of this time in college while also working nights at UPS. Eventually, going into my senior year of college, I picked up an internship at Morsekode. This internship soon turned into a part-time job while in school and then a full-time job the day I graduated. I learned so much in my time there—not just about design and the creative fields, but about being an adult, working with others, and leaving my ego at home.

Coming up on a year at Morsekode, my fiance Jess and I had our first child; Halsey Jo. This ultimately resulted in a decision to move back home to Proctor, just outside Duluth, MN.

Since January 8th, 2018, I've been working hard as an Email Developer at maurices corporate by day and running Pixl Haus by night. Throughout the past year and a half I've become more interested in front-end development and have shifted my time and efforts towards the never-ending practice of coding.